Diane by DVF, For What? Magazine


Women love women, who love women; and before you get excited and go thinking that I’m writing about some sexy girl-on-girl exploits…I’m not.

I’m writing about something else equally curvaceous and appealing to the senses - designer Diane von Furstenberg; a woman who knows women, is loved by women and celebrates being a woman.

There’s a good reason it’s impossible not to look fabulous in one of her signature wrap dresses…because Ms. Furstenberg understands what it means to be one of us complex, feminine creatures.

Girl/woman, soft/strong, feminine/masculine these are all tugs of war that perpetrate a woman’s being…usually on a daily basis.

So when I heard about the new fragrance Diane, I wondered which facet of the female Ms. Furstenberg had encapsulated; I’m delighted that it turned out to be a seductive one

Diane is not offensive, or abrasive; she is not complicated or perplexing, nor strange or intriguing;

Diane is simple, soft, sophisticated and above all, Diane is sensual.

With delicate Fragipani and Violet leading the floral way, Diane firstly embraces you in her ultra-feminine arms and then caresses you with familiar warmth that resonates with reassurance.

Because Diane is all woman there is more to her than flippant flowers; she is driven by myrrh, musk and patchouli, lending her vibrancy, passion and depth.

She is not a loud, brash or flamboyant lady; she is not edgy, bizarre or try-hard.

Diane is quietly-confident, effortlessly chic, self-assured, unfaltering in her sense of self-worth and classic to the last drop,.

Diane is the kind of woman, most women want to be.


By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer




Mr Ford Strikes Again, For Wound Magazine


In the sticky, sweaty heat of Summer in the city, there is an oasis…and you can splash around in it all day!

Tom Ford’s newly released fragrance Azure Lime is a first-class, one-way ticket to the private Caribbean island of Mustique…and this is a trip you won’t need to pack for!

There are three parts to this journey. Firstly you will dip your toes into the fresh and zesty citrus fruit salad of lime, orange and lemon notes followed by cool Oregon mint and iconic black basil.

Quickly the sneakier more flirtatious centre comes creeping through to seduce you to wade in further and explore the heady aromas of perfectly blended Moroccan orris butter, Egyptian jasmine and South African buchu.

Turning up the heat and forcing you to just plunge in head first, is sea moss, oakwood, sandalwood and patchouli all coming through last of all…but by no means least in this divine desert island scent.

This intensely sexy potion will refresh your senses, dilate your pupils and leave you asking yourself…who would you like to have a frolic on the beach with?

By Kavita Kaul

Makeup Artist & Beauty Writer



Marc Jacobs' Bang, for What? Magazine

The Art of Seduction

Onomatopeoia – noun – (on·o·mat·o·poe·ia  ) When the pronunciation of a word sounds like the action of the word itself – such as hiss, buzz and BANG!

And so Marc Jacob’s new men’s fragrance makes a punchy entrance.

Before we even get to the scent itself… let’s take a moment to talk about the saucy campaign featuring the provocative Mr. Jacobs himself.

For the first time ever the renowned designer makes a personal appearance…and what an impression he makes!  Glossy skinned, tattooed, naked (save for a strategically placed bottle) and with a come-hither look, it’s as if Jacobs is daring you to try Bang…and dare I did.

At first glance the beautifully crafted and elegantly unusual angular bottle is curious.  The contours of the black glass and silver plaque beg to be touched and as I explore what’s hidden within, I am pleasurably struck by its intoxicating and exotic contents.

Bang is immediately spicy and bursting with intriguing black, white and pink peppercorns.  This cleverly upfront introduction is followed by warm and soothing primal masculine woody notes and slowly rising from its depths are the base notes of fresh Elemi Resinoid from the Philippines, oriental Benzoin and deep, delicious Patchouli.

It is more than just a fragrance.  Bang is a lesson in the art of slow, playful yet sensual seduction and is absolutely beguiling.  It pulsates with heat, masculinity and mystery and will leave you as we find Jacobs in the campaign…undone.

By Kavita Kaul